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Ken Sproul - Toronto Singer
Toronto singer-songwriter. Become a fan.

Global Warming: Agree or Disagree
Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation. Since the early 20th century, Earth's mean surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 C (1.4 F), with about two-thirds of the increase occurring since 1980.[2] Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and scientists are more than 90% certain that it is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

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CleanIt Janitorial Services specializes in all floor cleaning services including steam carpet cleaning, tile floor cleaning, marble polishing and more. No matter what your floor cleaning needs are, CleanIt can clean it! Click or Call 610-539-5212 for a free on-site evaluation and cleaning quotation.

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We strive to bring you some of the finest looking High Grade Rare Keys, as well as Semi-Keys at prices you can afford. As always, all of our coins are fully guaranteed to be Genuine, whether certified in slabs or raw.

Robert McClure
He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Medicine in 1922. In 1923, he was appointed a medical missionary to Henan, China and served until 1948. He was the only medical missionary in India and China who was able to provide radium treatment for cancer. He was also on the staff of the Church Missionary Society Hospital at Gaza, Palestine

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We are a provider of granite restoration and other natural stone care, including travertine cleaning, limestone cleaning, marble sealing and Mexican paver stripping. ProTech Tile, Stone & Carpet Care will completely refinish your marble, travertine, limestone and granite surfaces. From simple crack repair to complete refinishing of your marble counters and floors we do it all and more importantly treat your home as if it were our own. Ceramic tile cleaning, grout sealing and marble polishing under one roof.

Austin Luxury apartments
The finest in Austin luxury apartment rentals are now available through Austin Luxury Realty your source for all high end housing in the Austin area. Most of these spectacular rentals are concentrated in the downtown Austin area, but can also be found further afield in the historic areas like Travis Heights, and also in the Zilker Park greenbelt.