Fertilization & Weed Control Lewisville, TX

After years of serving as lawn care and landscape design professionals in the Lewisville, Plano, Coppell, Flower Mound, Highland Village and surrounding areas, we know that nothing is more important to a healthy and beautiful lawn than fertilization and weed control.

Being experts at lawn maintenance, we have learned over the years that weeds of any sort present the most annoying challenge to a lovely lawn. If you are battling with weeds and find you are losing, we can help! We know the most important defense against this challenge is getting rid of the weeds.

Without proper and consistent weed control and fertilization; your beautiful landscape will become neglected and unattractive. With proper fertilization and weed control, your yard will be lush and beautiful. The trick is having the knowledge to know exactly when your lawn and shrubbery should be fertilized, which is where InfinityGreen's expertise comes into play. Our professionals start by first analyzing your property to determine the perfect fertilization program, assuring that your lawn is healthy and well manicured regardless of the time of year.

A Customized Program for the Perfect Lawn

Many lawn care people sprinkle fertilizer on a lawn without really knowing exactly when to fertilize. InfinityGreen creates a customized program by fertilizing the lawn at the proper time and season, promising to create a lush and green lawn. With our system, you are assured of a greener turf and a far more attractive lawn that is resistant to weeds. When you leave the care of your lawn with our green thumbs, not only are you assured of receiving professional attention; you are also assured of a lawn that makes you proud.

Making Sure Your Grass Grows Well!

Fertilization and weed control must be handled during different seasons to assure that your grass continues to grow properly. As a preventive measure and to ensure that you have a lawn that is thick, green and healthy, the soil beneath the grass must be at the right acidity level, plus it must have the correct balance of nutrients. It's also important to know what problems you may be dealing with if your lawn isn't responding to care, which is why we know that weed control and fertilization is critically important to a beautiful Lewisville landscape. In addition, it's vitally important to keep an eye out for bugs and disease, as these can be harmful to the health of your terrain. InfinityGreen will keep your lawn looking its healthiest and greenest all year long by providing expert Lewisville fertilization and weed control services.